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No. 1 way of Getting Free Stuff When You Travel – Look Like A Celebrity

I have had a little flu so I wasn’t up to posting another part of my trip around NZ South Island.

I do have just a little tit bit for you though.

A friend of mine was holidaying in Hawaii with her son and they decided to have a drink at the Lava Bar. Apparently this place has a couple of levels and is very nice. Anyway from the time they entered the place they were treated like royalty. You know the scene, offered free drinks, whisked away to the VIP lounge, nothing was too much for the staff. They noticed people staring and talking on headsets,  still couldn’t work out what was going on, but decided to enjoy it just the same.

Finally they found out what was going on. The staff thought my friend’s son was Hurley from lost!

When I was told that story I could slightly see the resemblance but there is a lot of difference as well. Being that Lost was filmed in Hawaii and that it was probably a little dark in the bar, I suppose that was enough to confuse the staff.


So the moral of this little tale is, if you have a slight resemblance to a star and you are travelling to a destination that you know they may have worked in, milk it for all it is worth ( with out being dishonest that is).

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