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Who Me, You Want to Know About Me?

I like swimming, it makes me happy. I always know when I haven’t been swimming for awhile cause my mood isn’t quite as positive as normal. Then I take myself to the beach and I swim. I have done this for most of my life, this is my way of coping. I am a happy person and I think that swimming is a contributing factor to this, it is my de-stress trigger.

I also do not dwell. In an age where me-ism (I know that isn’t a word) is rampant and TV  shows teach us to talk about what ever you think your problem might be, CONSTANTLY,  I try not too.  Trust me getting up each day and moving on and actually enjoying your life is a much better option than allowing all the crazy things that happen roll over and over in your mind.  They stole from your past, don’t let them steal your future!

I’m not cool,  I love music and travel, I am adventurous and I would like be remembered for my kindness, humanity and humour

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia and it is amazing. I have two grown children and two small grandchildren.

I love life and through my blog I would like to impart a little bit of my essence to the world.



One thought on “Who Me, You Want to Know About Me?

  1. The wisdom of life will take you as far as you choose. Take the time to smell the beauty around you, let the influence of life love you, and be the beautiful woman that you are.

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