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Tuesday Travel On A Shoes String

The travel bug hits most people at some stage in their life. Often we carry it in our hearts for many decades, through pain and laughter, babies, working hard, buying homes, divorces and all the usual stuff life throws at us,  before acting on it’s urgings. However, if you are a women of a certain age this dream may end up in the too hard basket.  For a variety of reasons this sad situation is often due to the financial constraints they find themselves in, but I’m hear to tell you that’s not true. You really can travel on a shoe string budget, you just have to plan.

The “Ballard of Lucy Jordan” is just a song, the world of travel is at our finger tips.

It’s never too late to “ride through Paris with the warm wind in your hair”

So regularly, I will be posting  a short blog about about exactly that , travelling with my empty wallet  ……… well not exactly empty but definitely financially challenged

The first series will be about travelling through the South Island of New Zealand, a trip that everyone on the planet should do.

Bon Voyage

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