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Friday Night Music Festivals – Take it Away Mr. Neil Young.

“Heart of Gold”, what does that mean to you? Probably not a lot if you are under thirty five, but for me it was like a revelation. I have heard people speak about how they felt when they first heard the Beetles. Well I have never had that reverential feeling about them. Don’t get me wrong I definitely recognise the incredible talent that is John Lennon and co, maybe I was just too young.

Which brings me back to Mr Young, Neil Young, the master songwriter. I can still remember the first time I heard that song. I was walking down the corridor at my school on my way to lunch. It was as if the pied piper had called me. I had no will, I had to follow the siren song and find out who was singing. The awe I felt at that moment has never subsided.

I love music, I am eclectic and love finding new Indie artists but Mr Young still does it for me. At the moment I am listening to Harvest, it is Friday night and the CD is cranking. I do this same thing a few times every year for the past thirty years, I call it my Neil Young Friday Night Festival.

Good music speaks to your heart, it doesn’t matter if you feel the same way about the Smashing Pumpkins or maybe you remember the first time you heard Pearl Jam, your heart is involved and it is a beautiful thing. Suddenly you have a sound track to your life and it won’t matter what point you are in your life, you will always have that. It will help you soar and it will cradle you when you are sad.

As I finish this first little post the Friday Night Music Festival is winding up. – Take it Away Mr. Neil Young

The guitar solo in” Words (between the lines of age”  has just reached a crescendo so I feel it is appropriate I finish here and return to my listening. Enjoy your Friday night, where ever in the world you are. Whether you have returned home from a long hard day at work. Or you have finally gotten the kids to sleep after an equally punishing day. Relax, crank up the music and let the sound track of your life take you away to another place, if ever so briefly, it can do you the world of good.

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