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What Do Women Want Today?

What do women want today, I am a woman and they totally confuse me sometimes so I have no idea how men cope?  Yesterday I heard about a marriage that had just ended. It is often a sad occurrence when this happens but particularly so in this case. To start with the couple had only been married for a year.  They must have at least thought there was a possibility that they could make a go of it when they decided to marry. You would hope it wasn’t a whim, right?


Now here is the main reason this case is so poignant, the groom had secretly planned and executed a second wedding to celebrate the anniversary of the first one.  The reason was simple, the couple married in a registry office and he wanted to give his bride the wedding he thought she deserved.


Really? I think he may be rethinking that opinion.


The bride thought she was being taken away for a beach weekend to celebrate her birthday. That fact alone makes me think there may be a bit of narcissism happening with this young lady. Meanwhile her husband had planned and booked a renewal of vows with an amazing ceremony at a spectacular winery, followed by a full reception for seventy guests. He had also invited and paid for a large number of the bride’s family to be flown in from outside Australia to attend.

By all accounts Saturday 17th May was a beautiful day for all who attended.


Obviously all except the bride cause barely a month later she is outta there.


Now I don’t presume to imagine that I can ever know what goes on in private but lets pull this a part.  Here is a couple who had only been married for a year and

a husband that tries to make his wife feel special when he can. On paper you would have to think they had a good chance to make it work if they both put in a little effort.


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3 thoughts on “What Do Women Want Today?

  1. Sounds to me like someone wasn’t able to say “no” from the get-go.

  2. In my opinion as a man who understands relationships, I think he knew what the response would be from the start. These things don’t just come out of the blue. He’s been with this woman for a while, he knows what her personality is like, and therefor what to expect. I think there’s a whole other side to this story that we’re not hearing.
    Men step into it with women because they choose not to hear, listen or pay attention. When it comes to the blind ambition of the heart, most people don’t feel as if they have control over their actions. To me that’s just complete bullshit. They just need someone else to blame for their unhappiness.

    What I like about this post is that it’s bringing out a sweet compassion in you, it’s something you would not do, and you are confirming it here. And it’s making you very attractive.
    My blessings to you…

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