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When Sushi Turns Bad

When Sushi Turns Bad

MY Kitchen meltdown. A seething mound of glutinous rice. the face of sushi gone wrong. I went to a cut price supermarket and bought cheap arborio rice. Then tried to cook the whole Kilo in one hit. I subsequently attempted to dry it out a bit by cooking it further. The mound seemed to keep growing. By the way that bowl is from a commercial rice cooker so it has a 6 litre capacity.

A sad comparison to the amazing photos that the talented foodies post

Where Do You Eat Your Meals, I Eat Mine at the Table


I eat my meals at the table; I know that is probably an unusual thing to do in the world we now live in.  I’m not talking about just my evening meal. I mean every meal. Breakfast, there I sit with my egg on toast and cup of coffee, Lunch, even at work and evening, I sit at the table. I just can’t do the sitting on the lounge with your meal in your lap. It’s just the way I was brought up, even when there is no one around to see it I still sit at a table.


You would think my children would do the same thing cause I bought them up to sit at a table when you eat, nope. I notice that nine times out of ten they are planted on the lounge when they eat.


My cat; however, is a different matter. Every rat, bird and lizard she ever catches is bought in the house and ends up under the kitchen table. I hear crutch, crutch and I look and sure enough there is the cat with her takeaway eating at the table. Then I have to scream and chase her out of the house.


Isn’t it ironic, when you try to train your kids to do something it is so hard. Then your cat gets it just by watching you, even if you don’t want them to. Sometimes you just can’t win.



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